Entitled’ plane passenger slammed for dumping food tray into aisle mid-flight

A man who emptied his unwanted food and litter onto the floor during a flight has been branded “unbelievable” and “entitled” by Reddit users

Taking a flight can be an uncomfortable and exhausting ordeal – be it short or long haul.

And when you’re faced with irritating and rude passengers who you’ll be forced to deal with for the next several hours, the process of flying can be even more unbearable.

That’s the unfortunate experience one Reddit user had when they boarded a flight recently and found themselves sat behind a man who was apparently unhappy with his in-flight meal.

After polishing off the food he actually wanted to eat, the man tipped the rest of his tray – including unwanted food and empty wrappers – out into the aisle beside his seat, leaving the surrounding area covered in rubbish.

Alongside a picture of the mess, the Reddit user wrote: “Man dumps his food into the aisle after he ate what he wants.”

The post received several comments from other users who were shocked and appalled by the man’s actions, with many suggesting he be removed from all future flights.

One wrote: “That should be an automatic add to the no-fly list.”

While another said: “Unbelievable. That’s when you tap him on the shoulder and say, ‘Sir, I believe you dropped something’, or go with the nose-rub method.”

Another fumed at the man’s “trashy” behaviour and wondered how much of a “nightmare” he must be to deal with every day.

They wrote: “Let’s forget for one moment how trashy this piece of s*** is and focus on his personality. Imagine working with him, imagine being the wife, imagine being a neighbour, or anybody who has to deal with him on a daily basis. What a fing nightmare of a fing attitude.”

And another baffled commenter said: “That’s literally an emergency hazard!

“As someone who flies a lot, this makes me feel so angry. How can he be so entitled!?”